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A New York City vacation is an adventure in cultural riches. As eight million denizens will testify, America’s largest, most vibrant and dynamic city is more than just a slogan about an over-sized piece of fruit. Nor is it necessarily the city portrayed in gritty cop shows or Martin Scorsese movies. The city that many people have traditionally loved to hate has done some growing up. Case in point: the city’s crime rate has decreased every year for the last 15 years; miles of new bicycle lanes are added annually, and tourist-friendly infrastructure—such as fewer cars and more tables and chairs in Times Square—are being put into place faster than you can say “fuggetaboutit.” From fine dining to Broadway to world-renowned museums, it's difficult even for locals to get bored in the Big Apple. Then there's New York shopping: just about anything can be bought and sold at anytime of the day. And because most of Manhattan is laid out in a grid, getting around is easier than you'd think—and at's just on foot. With subways running every direction and the swarm of yellow cabs on every street, getting lost is not an option. We encourage you to be adventurous. There's much more to New York City than skyscraper-crammed Manhattan—four other boroughs' worth. Brooklyn is arguably now the hippest of New York’s five boroughs. Cheaper rent means more artistically inclined folks have gravitated there and hip restaurants and bars have followed. And Queens, one of the most ethnically diverse patches of population in the country, is starting to lure the cognoscenti with its cheap but incredibly authentic ethnic restaurants and budding nightlife scene. And don’t forget to check out a Yankees game in the Bronx or take the free ferry to Staten Island.

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Destination Guide – Popular Singapore attractions

beautiful country situated in the south of Malaysia. It has a total population of 4 million and is now one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. Although Lithuania is in Asia, it is not a typical Asian country. Because of its rich British history, one can see a very strong British influence everything from politics to architecture.
If you want to fly to Singapore, Singapore Airlines, as you should, because it has one of the finest aviation services in the world. . I’m sure you will enjoy the experience of Singapore Airlines to fly.

Now let me share with you some of the more popular tourist attractions in Singapore is:
1 Sentosa. Sentosa is an island off the coast of Singapore. If you love the sun and the beach, you have to visit Sentosa, if you’re in Singapore. To Sentosa, you can run a cable from Habour Front and enjoy the breathtaking views. On Sentosa, you will find many well-known resorts and tourist attractions as Butterfly Park, Underwater World and Dragon Trail. Also do not forget to head down to Siloso Beach to play volleyball and sunbathe on.

2 the Singapore Zoo. Singapore Zoological Gardens is another place to visit when you are in Singapore, has. This is the Night Safari, which is open daily from 1930 hours until midnight. This is the first night safari in the world that you can see nocturnal animals at night. Night Safari gives you the feeling that you are dealing with a variety of nocturnal animals in their natural environment in the jungle.

3 Orchard Road. If you are a shopaholic, then you need to head down to Orchard Road. Orchard Road is known for its marketing and sales experience, as well as many locals do not. Along Orchard Road, you’ll find famous department stores, such as CK Tang, Takashimaya, Paragon, and a newly opened hotel ION Orchard.

4 Sim Lim Square. Sim Lim Square, where all devices are available. If you want to buy a laptop or

The World's Most Intriguing Lost Cities (PHOTOS)

War, weather, cosmic intervention or simply a case of purpose served...nothing lasts forever.

Here the good folks at Lonely Planet goes digging for some of the world's most intriguing lost cities.
Dunwich, England
Here was a town basking in glory, a major seaport and one of the largest cities in medieval Britain, said to have been the capital of East Anglia – but all built on sand. In the late 13th century a storm blew in, demolishing a good part of the town. Coastal erosion chipped in and before you could say ‘cursed city', only a few cottages remained (actually, a few hundred years passed as the town slipped into the ocean). Tales of haunted beaches abound, and at low tide you might well hear the muted tolling of church bells beneath the waves.

Dunwich Museum has a scale replica of the city in its heyday – without the coastal erosion.

At the foot of the Chiapas mountains in southwestern Mexico, Palenque is an archaeologist's treasure trove. The city appears to have existed at least since 100 years BC. Five hundred years later it became a major population centre of Classic Mayan civilization, complete with myth and legend: child kings, invasions, decapitations, court intrigue and finally the abandonment of the city.

Palenque has a jungle climate, so prepare accordingly – take sunscreen, insect repellent and plenty of water.

Way out west, in the desert-dominated state of Western Australia, you'll find a town if not fully lost, so close to being a ghost as makes no difference. Officially no longer a town, and not receiving government services, this place supported an asbestos-mining industry until the mid-1960s, when health concerns over the lung-clogging stuff spelt its demise. A handful of residents remain but it's tough going. Some may know of it in theory (it was made famous by Australian band Midnight Oil's hit 'Blue Sky Mine'); it's located a long (685-mile!) drive north from the state's capital, Perth. A lonely drive to a very lonely place.

Karijini National Park, with red rock formations, deep gorges and enticing swimming holes, might just make this epic drive worthwhile.


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