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Touristic Heritage of Dang, Nepal

Indroduction to dang

Dang District is situated in Mid-western Development region and Rapti Zone. This comprises of two municipalities and 39 VDCs have two large valleys Dang and Deukhuri as well as smaller valley called "Tuhi Dang". There are Tharu, Magar and avadhi speaking ethon-cultural diversity and ecological diversity of hill, inner terai and terai region.

Goraksha Siddha Ratannath Matha
This site is situated in Ghorahi Municipality ward no.4 Chaughera, one and half kilometers east by Ghorahi-Lamahi high way. This place is he ancient academy of the Natha cult. This particular math primarily associated with the history is also centre of Yoga, arts and spiritual thinking.

Ambikeshwori Temple
This temple is situated in Ghorahi Municipality ward No. 5 Ambapur Dang. The temple also known as 'Maiko Than' (Mother's Place) is situated to the north of Ghorahi one and half kilometers away on bank of Katuwa Khola. This Shktipeetha is supposed to have emerged due to the falling of right ear of Satidevi According toe the Swasthani Purana. This temple is the most popular Shaktipeeth of Dang.

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London Attractions Guide

London attractions are some of the most exciting and interesting in the world. From top museums which cover a range of topics to some fascinating historic buildings and monuments, there is something to please every visitor.
London AttractionsInterested in the history of London? Want to visit some historic buildings? In London you can experience thousands of years of royal history at historical attractions such as Tower of London, the former home of King Henry VIII. The iconic London Tower Bridge is one of London's most recognisable historic landmark and it offers visitors the perfect photo opportunity with stunning views from the walkway at the top. Other popular historic attractions include St Paul’s Cathedral, Royal Albert Hall and Windsor Castle - the official residence of the Queen!
London is packed with some the best museums in the world which cover topics from history and World War II to music, sport and the motor industry. The Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms offer a taste of life was like for the great leader during the Battle of Britain.
There are many ways you can discover and learn about London's famous landmarks. The most relaxing way is on board a Thames River Cruise, floating down the river you will see many of the sights that feature of postcards for the city.

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America's healthiest cities to visit

Cameron Neilson / Courtesy of Hotel Terra
The Hotel Terra in Jackson Hole, Wyo., is ideally located for outdoor fun and exploration.

In great American cities where active lifestyles intersect with delicious food, it’s possible to plan a trip that’s both healthy and great fun. Walking often provides leisurely exercise for travelers, but fantastic hotels are making it easier for guests to stop feeling like tourists and explore outdoor attractions like locals. 
To take advantage of Portland, Oregon’s extensive bike paths, the trendy Ace Hotel established a free bicycle-lending program. The city also maintains an impressive variety of parks, from the world’s smallest (the 24-square-inch Mill Ends Park) to 5,000-acre Forest Park, where visitors can run, hike or mountain bike on 75 miles of trails. Wildlife watchers walk along the paved Interlakes Trail at Smith and Bybee lakes — the largest protected wetlands in an American city. Nearby, Alder Creek’s Jantzen Beach Store offers classes and rentals for kayaking on Columbia River.
After spending all day paddling and traipsing through city parks, Portland visitors will find a thriving dining scene, where, as in many of the country’s buzziest restaurants, the emphasis is on local ingredients. Everything at Park Kitchen chef Scott Dolich’s tavern The Bent Brick is from the Pacific Northwest. Dolich focuses on vegetables in small plates, like parsnips and carrots with rye berries, brown butter and sage. Even his cocktail program relies on locally made spirits. Jackson Hole, Wyo., a serious winter-sport destination, is known for daredevil ski runs and powdery snow. Its deluxe spas and picturesque Teton Mountain setting make it a perfect spot for R&R as well. The boutique Hotel Terra couldn’t be better-located for active travelers: It’s an hour’s drive from Yellowstone National Park, less than a mile from Grand Teton National Park and nestled right near Jackson Hole’s major ski lifts. For a warmer winter escape, Honolulu promises gorgeous lagoons, waterfalls and camera-ready beaches. "Lost" was filmed at Diamond Head, a must-climb volcano with amazing views of Waikiki Beach. Surfing beginners can test Oahu’s waves after taking lessons at Uncle Bryan’s Sunset Suratt Surf School. Meanwhile, seafood is abundant for healthful meals. At the Royal Hawaiian hotel, Azure’s chefs hit the Honolulu Fish Auction at 5:30 every morning to choose from the daily catch, like opakapaka (pink snapper) roasted with white wine, Meyer lemon and fresh herbs.

article source : http://itineraries.msnbc.msn.com

Where to celebrate the Year of the Dragon

Courtesy Bellagio Las Vegas

"Our dragons represent all of the elements: water, fire, wood, earth and metal," said Andres Garcia, executive director of Horticulture at Bellagio in Las Vegas.

The Chinese New Year (also known as the Lunar New Year) begins on Jan. 23 and will be welcomed in Asian communities with 15 days of food, firecrackers and fanfare designed to ensure that the Year of the Dragon is full of good fortune.
In the Chinese zodiac, the dragon is the most auspicious symbol of success and happiness, so this year’s celebrations will have a special meaning. “The dragon is very bold, unafraid and strong,” said Karen Eng, spokesperson for the Southwest Airlines Chinese New Year Festival and Parade held in San Francisco. “And in China, the dragon is the symbol of the emperor and the son of heaven.”
Major Chinese New Year celebrations will be held Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and many other cities around the world, including these five U.S. cities.

 New York
In New York City, the Chinese New Year kicks off with a bang — literally — on Jan. 23 at the Firecracker Ceremony and Cultural Festival in Roosevelt Park in Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood. Chinatown’s Lunar New Year Parade and Festival takes place Jan. 29 and will fill Chinatown’s streets with floats, marching bands, lion and dragon dances, musical performances, acrobats, magicians and more. More details at http://explorechinatown.com/

Seattle Seattle celebrates the Lunar New Year with a festival on Jan. 28 in the Chinatown–International District in Hing Hay Park. Activities include lion and dragon dances, Taiko drumming, martial arts, a food walk featuring a neighborhood-wide tasting menu and the third annual children’s costume parade contest. More details at http://www.cidbia.org/events/lunar-new-year-celebration-2012-year-of-the-dragon.

Washington, D.C.In Washington, D.C., the Chinese consolidated Benevolent Society will host its Chinese New Year Parade on Jan. 29 in the city’s downtown Chinatown neighborhood with kung fu demonstrations, a dragon dance, a lion dance, costumed dancers and the lighting of a giant firecracker. That same day, Washington, D.C.’s Chinatown Community Cultural Center will host a Chinese New Year Festival with hands-on arts and craft projects, cultural displays and performances. On Feb. 3, the Textile Museum opens “Dragons, Nagas, and Creatures of the Deep,” an exhibit filled with textiles depicting dragons and other legendary creatures.
Knight Lights Photography
San Francisco's illuminated nighttime parade is one of the largest Chinese New Year parades outside of Asia.

San FranciscoWith 6,000 participants, 22 floats and numerous marching bands, drill teams and school groups, San Francisco’s illuminated nighttime parade, held this year on Feb. 11, is one of the largest Chinese New Year parades outside of Asia.
In addition to a 250-foot-long dragon (“Gum Lung”) that must be held up by a team of 100 men and women, this year’s parade will include the Cangzhou Liuji Lion Dance Team, which features acrobatics and martial arts, and the Jingxing Lahua Art Troup from China’s Hebei Province. “Their dancing rhythm is created by such motions as wrist turning, arm gnarling and leg whiffing,” said parade spokesperson Karen Eng. “And their props include big vases, umbrellas and fans.” More details at http://www.chineseparade.com/
On Jan. 29, anyone born in the Year of the Dragon (1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 and 2012) will receive free admission to the Lunar New Year Celebration being held at the San Francisco Zoo, where entertainment will include acrobatic performances, traditional lion and folk dancing, Chinese yo-yo tricks and more.

Las Vegas Several hotels in Las Vegas are welcoming in the Chinese New Year in a big way as well.
On Jan. 23 at 1 p.m., a dragon dance will begin at The Venetian and make its way through the casino to the waterfall at the atrium gardens in The Palazzo, where the unveiling of a 128-foot, fire-breathing dragon will take place. The dragon will breathe fire daily at 1 and 5 p.m. through Feb. 5.
There are multiple dragons in Bellagio’s Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. “Our dragons represent all of the elements: water, fire, wood, earth and metal,” said Andres Garcia, executive director of Horticulture at Bellagio. “Each dragon has more then 20,000 hand-painted scales and is able to move its tails and arms, and blow steam.”
Amidst a zigzag bridge, a gazebo and a 21,000-gallon pond stocked with more than 200 koi fish, visitors will find a giant water-themed centerpiece with two 25-foot, blue dragons that regularly blow steam from their nostrils, two 15-foot-long green and gold animated dragons that lunge towards the dragons in the centerpiece and two brown and red animated dragons surrounded by oversized silk red Chinese lanterns and gold-leafed I-Ching coins, a traditional Chinese symbol for money.
Bellagio’s Chinese New Year garden and daily performances featuring authentic Chinese instruments continue through March 3.
Feng Li / Getty Images

Millions around the world celebrate the Lunar New Year, which begins on Jan. 23., and welcomes the year of the dragon.

article source : http://itineraries.msnbc.msn.com

Travel photos from around the world

Submitted by Sher Williamson / UGC
Chameleon, Hawaii
Our readers have submitted some inspiring photos from around the world. This week's gallery features images from Hawaii, Scotland, Botswana and other stunning settings.

Submitted by Harvey Barrison / UGC
Eilean Donan Island, Western Highlands of Scotland

Submitted by Anne Sanders / UGC
Davy Mountain, Warne, N.C.

Submitted by Michelle Yingling / UGC
 Custer State Park, S.D.

Submitted by Siva Ramanathan / UGC
San Fransisco, Calif.

Submitted by Cherrie Warzocha / UGC
Kona, Hawaii

Submitted by Melissa Warde / UGC
Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven, Scotland

Submitted by Kelly Wallace / UGC
Baby sea lion, Galapagos Islands

Submitted by Lynn Perry / UGC
Bison, Yellowstone National Park

Submitted by Jerry Pearson / UGC
Maroon Bells, near Aspen, Colo.

Submitted by Kaushal Modi / UGC
Mount Christoffel, Curacao

Submitted by Beth Weinstein / UGC
Elephant, Botswana

Submitted by Nicki McManus / UGC
Delaware River near Milford, Pa.

Submitted by David Jordan / UGC
Harbor Seals in Casco Bay, Portland, Maine

Submitted by Terry Guthrie / UGC
Autumn on the Tallulah River, Ga.

Submitted by Tom Gubala / UGC
Lilac-breasted Roller, Tanzania

Submitted by Ashley Davis / UGC
La Jolla Cove, Calif.

Submitted by Randy Clegg / UGC
The Old Mill at Berry College, Rome, Ga.

Submitted by Cagil Baykara / UGC
Brussels, Belgium

Submitted by Jessica Baskett / UGC
Imperial Beach, Calif.

article source : http://todaytravel.today.msnbc.msn.com

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Best Destinations for Winter Retreats in Asia

That\'s the end of the year 2010 and it\'s time for tourism enthusiasts to look for somewhere for winter retreats. As a fact, Asia is becoming the most favorite destination of discerning travelers. Here are some ideal destinations in Asia for winter retreats.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
The period between December and January marks the start of dry season in tropical city Ho Chi Minh. Lots of streets in Ho Chi Minh City including main boulevards Dong Khoi, Nguyen Hue, Le Loi and Le Duan feature French colonial architecture. To celebrate Lunar New Year, Nguyen Hue Flower Street will be annually opened on January 31.

Nguyen Hue Flower Street
Nguyen Hue Flower Street

Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok is the ideal place for winter retreat with the average temperature in January of 32 degree. Beer gardens, dine affresco and weekend camping trips are some suggestions to fully enjoy Bangkok winter spirit.

Beer gardens in Thailand
Beer gardens in Thailand

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
January is the best period for winter weather in Kuala Lumpur. The month marks the end of rainy season and the beginning of toasty sunny reason. Local people hold Thaipusam (a Hindu holiday of penance) and thanksgiving at the end of January.

Thaipusam (a Hindu holiday of penance) in Kuala Lumpur
Thaipusam (a Hindu holiday of penance) in Kuala Lumpur

Singapore, with 30 degree in January, offers a wide range of performance art showcases on the lineup. Annually, “Art Stage Singapore” features exhibitions in Marina Bay Sands from January 12 to 16.

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore
Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Manila, Philippines
January is the great time for local people to enjoy street processions as Santo Nino and the Child Jesus and for foreigners to visit Manila. In Tondo, the district of residential-industrial in nature, young Ati-Atihan performers will show tradition dance on the streets during events for the patron saint.

Manila, Philippines
Manila, Philippines

Goa, India
Goa, the smallest Indian state, is a tropical paradise with warm waters of the Arabian Sea and clear sky. If you are planning to visit Goa in January, make sure you book a room in advance.

Goa features a tropical paradise with warm waters of the Arabian Sea and almost clear sky
Goa features a tropical paradise with warm waters of the Arabian Sea and clear sky

Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Featuring 31 degree temperature in January, Phnom Penh is notified for its less humidity and light breezes. Especially, Phnom Penh\'s pagodas, markets and museums are the best city\'s famed nightlife.

Independence Monument at night
Independence Monument at night

Colombo, Sri Lanka
The capital of Sri Lanka, which reaches 30 degree in January, is an ideal quick winter getaway. Remarkably, the Galle Face Green Promenade, which runs adjacent to the Indian Ocean, offers visitors unforgettable sunset-watching experience. However, remember to check current government warnings when planning your trips.

Sri Lanka is among the most admired tourist destinations in Asia
Sri Lanka is among the most admired tourist destinations in Asia

Visit Boston Popularly Known As the Leading Financial Center of America

Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, is also the largest city of this highly populated and extensive state. This city is a leading financial center exhibiting great economic and cultural impact on the entire country.

Boston, the city which never sleeps is very popular amongst visitors. When in city, you may want to visit some very popular places like the “Faneuil Hall”, which is a historic market place. Here you can enjoy the performances by street performers and carry out some of your shopping activities as well. All music lovers must visit “Faneuil Hall”, as excellent music performances, music concerts are scheduled to be held here in the forthcoming months.
How about booking cheap airline tickets in a couple of days so that you can give your valentine a pleasant Valentine’s Day surprise and make a quick trip to this city? You may want to visit this very romantic “Valentine's Day Musical Concert” which is to be held at the “Faneuil Hall”.

The “Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum” has significant Italian architecture.
Here you will find traditional art collection and paintings. In this beautiful museum a series of very interesting events like music concerts, contemporary arts and exhibitions, creative art education programs for kids and adults are organized throughout the year and are worth visiting.

Another very unique visitor’s attraction is “Whale Watching”. It’s heard that few companies guarantee that you will definitely see whales and if not they promise to give you a free ticket for second try.

Another very interesting event coming up this April is “Boston's biggest canoe and kayak races” where you will be spectators to 1,500 paddlers.
You’re sure to find plenty of excitement in this largest race event. The “Boston Dragon Boat Festival” is another never miss event and hence, you must book Cheap Tickets to Boston well in advance, so that you can visit this lively event which commences in June.

The year 2012 is going to be more exciting because the very popular dragon boats will appear for the first time on the River Charles. And it is here that you can watch the longest dragon running competition, taste the delicious Asian food, watch performances and art demonstrations.

If you’re traveling with kids to Boston then you must visit this very popular and exciting “Duckling Day Parade” event and encourage your kids to participate in this “Make Way for Ducklings Parade”.

If you’re a sports lover and are planning to visit the Boston city through cheap flights to Boston then you must attend this “The Boston Red Sox” game event at Fenway Park that gives you real feel of baseball and you will only realize it when you enter the stadium and see the Fenway Franks at their best.

Boston offers best accommodation deals that include great discounts on food and drink as well. Boston’s transport system is very well organized and provides hassle free traveling options. Plan your trip well in advance to get best deals on everything from food, clothing, shelter and airline discounts.  

Top Winter Destinations 2012

Winter is associated with images of snow-cover mountain slopes, stacks of logs, and cold weather. Thus, winter is thought to be long months indoor. However, winter is the perfect time for those who gear up for adventure or join local festivities. Here are best winter destinations 2012 recommended.
Ornithologists and adventure seekers are attracted by Namibian Coast for its diverse array of migratory and seabirds. Travelers can join a tour of Sandwich Harbour lagoon or take a fly-in safari to view shipwrecks and whale skeletons.

Ornithologists and adventure seekers are attracted by Namibian Coast for its diverse array of migratory and seabirds.
Ornithologists and adventure seekers are attracted by Namibian Coast for its diverse array of migratory and seabirds.
Tours to Antarctic Peninsula many include stops to view seal pups and penguin chicks on the Falkland Islands. Antarctic Peninsula is the coldest, windiest, and highest continent in the world. However, the austral summer season brings bearable temperatures and abundant wildlife to the Peninsula.

Tours to Antarctic Peninsula include stops to view seal pups and penguin chicks on the Falkland Islands.
Tours to Antarctic Peninsula include stops to view seal pups and penguin chicks on the Falkland Islands.
Lake Placid is famous for its skiing. It is best known as the two-time site of the Winter Olympics. In 2010, iIt was rated as one of the "6 Forgotten Vacation Spots" in North America by U.S. News & World Report.

Visitors have opportunity to zip down an icy bobsled run or sped skate on the Olympic Oval.
Visitors have opportunity to zip down an icy bobsled run or sped skate on the Olympic Oval.

Commonly referred to as the “Gateway to Latin America”, Miami is home to white-sand beaches, nonstop festivals and a white-hot restaurant and club scene. The city offers the outdoor Coconut Grove Arts Festival, January 18-20; the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival, February 23-26; and at the Miami International Film Festival, March 2-11.

Miami is home to white-sand beaches, nonstop festivals and a white-hot restaurant and club scene.
Miami is home to white-sand beaches, nonstop festivals and a white-hot restaurant and club scene.

In 2012, Fernie Alpine Resort celebrates 50 years of skiing. Through January 28-29, there are special events including the Kokanee Snowdreams Festival.
In 2012, Fernie Alpine Resort celebrates 50 years of skiing. Through January 28-29, there are special events including the Kokanee Snowdreams Festival.

The 3.7-mile Preda-Bergün course is the longest floodlit sled run in Europe. Families and hardcore sledgers will have fun to experience the classic sledge run in the Preda-Bergün.
The 3.7-mile Preda-Bergün course is the longest floodlit sled run in Europe. Families and hardcore sledgers will have fun to experience the classic sledge run in the Preda-Bergün.

Article Source: http://travel.ezinemark.com

Snorkeling in Akumal, Mexico

Akumal Bay is known for its assorted species of sea turtles which use the beaches for breeding, feeding and rearing their young. This provides an optimal opportunity to see the animals in their natural habitat, including the many different species of fish and plant life.

Snorkeling and scuba diving are perhaps the favorite activities to pursue during a trip to Akumal, but snorkeling is a less physically demanding and technical option. With a brief instruction course and a smart location choice, snorkeling is very easy for even first-time novices.

One popular location for snorkeling in Akumal is the Yal-ku lagoon. This location is an extremely rare environment where fresh water meets with salt water from the sea. The combination of the two types of water is called a “halocline” effect.

Only very specific species can live and thrive in this halocline lagoon, and the mixture of salt and fresh water supplies creates an changed appearance of the water itself. Many fish found in this area are not found anywhere else in the world, and have been shown on many travel channel specials in recent years.

Casa Cenote is a lagoon featuring mangroves and bright fish displays. Many snorkelers find the fossils in Cenote at Dosojos quite worth while for a day of exploration. Many of the fossils seen at Dosojos date back to original civilizations that once occupied the area.

Snorkel lessons are always a good idea forfirst-timers prior to going to one of these sites. Although the activity is simple, some find that they are uncomfortable with the equipment or unsure how to best view the underwater scenery while safely using the snorkel.

A fun activity for locals and tourists alike is night snorkeling. Typically, a light is used in conjunction with traditional snorkeling equipment for this activity.

Many fish which are not observed during daylight hours can be observed when snorkeling after nightfall. This is usually because they are night-feeders or resting during the day.

The octopus is a perfect example of this phenomenon. Octopuses only come out to feed at nighttime, and change color when a light is focused on them. Virtually all of the life seen at night are safe for snorkelers, so night snorkeling is a safe activity also.

Plant life and some types of fish are also luminescent after dark. This creates greenish lights shining either continuously or flashing at night – quite a view for one who is only accustomed to snorkeling during the day!
Author Resource:- M Gravlee
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The Pandas of China

In the event you are seriously considering escaping your daily grind at the office and departing upon an exciting and challenging vacation the only problem you may encounter is where you wish to travel to. Amongst the places you may possibly consider is the ancient and exciting country of China. China has a long history dating back thousands of years and represents a unique and varied lifestyle vastly different from our own way of living.

Perhaps you are already aware that China is home to the rare but amazing giant pandas. The pandas are considered to be one of China’s national treasures and these creatures are adored by both the young and old from all parts of the globe. Many people visit China every year for the sole purpose of seeing the Giant Pandas in person. The giant pandas can be readily found in the Chinese states of Sichuan, Gansu and Shaanxi.

While visiting this amazing country you must make sure you stop at the Giant Panda Museum. The Giant Panda Museum was established in the year 1993 in order to advance the scientific studies associated with the Panda and to educate the public concerning the various issues which relate to protection of wild species and their environment. This museum is slightly different then any found in the western world. The Giant Panda Museum is known to be the world’s only museum which is firmly dedicated to endangered and rare animals only.

When you visit the Giant Panda Museum in China you will notice they have three main exhibition areas which are named the butterfly Hall, the Giant Panda Hall and the Vertebrate Hall. The walls of the museum are filled with a variety of interesting and informative posters and pictures of various animals.

After spending time at the museum your next stop should be Beijing. In Beijing you can easily discover an abundance of activities created to keep you and your family occupied for hours at a time. The Forbidden City in China is a magnificent structure and is known to be the world’s largest Imperial Palace. This palace currently consists of 8000 rooms however during its lifetime the palace once amassed over 9,999 rooms. Due to wars and natural disasters the last room count was reduced to a mere 8000. Surrounding the palace you will discover a moat that is over 18 feet deep accompanied by a wall that is over 33 feet high.

Beijing over the centuries has served as the capital city of many dynasties including the Ming, Yuan and Qing. Apart from the imperial palace we have mentioned you will also find many royal mausoleums like the Ming Tombs, Western Qing Tombs and the Eastern Qing Tombs.

China is a different world then what we know and it possesses many attractions which draw people from the far reaches of the globe.
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Top Reasons to Visit Croatia

Reasons to visit Croatia are many, though travelers from the United States often don't consider this destination in Southeastern Europe when they plan for vacation. Croatia is an excellent introduction to the Balkan countries with its tourist-friendly cities, regional influences, and proximity to destinations in other countries.

1. Natural Beauty

Plitvice Lakes National Park
Croatia's coastal landscape, mountains and valleys, and national parks like the Plitvice National Park imbed themselves in visitors' memories. Driving through Croatia - for example, along the Adriatic Highway - provides views of towns built on slopes, bays of blue water, and craggy cliffs. Explore Croatia via car, bus, or organized tour to most easily enjoy Croatia's natural beauty.

2. Croatian Food

Lokanda Peskarija, Dubrovnik RestaurantMany restaurants serve slow food - that is, food that is prepared in a home-cooked manner with attention to the quality and flavors of the dish. Croatian national cuisine is a draw as well. Seafood dishes, dishes inspired by the flavors of Italy, and cuisine that takes a cue from neighboring Slavic countries are on menus throughout Croatia.


3. Croatian Culture

Croatian Traditional Shoes
When you visit Croatia, be sure to enjoy the local culture. Hear traditional klapa singers in Split, buy Croatian embroidery in Dubrovnik, or visit a market in Zagreb. Enjoy a holiday or festival on one of Croatia's islands, or visit Croatia during Easter or Christmas to celebrate with the locals.




4. Croatia's Weather

Makarska Beach
Along the coast, the weather in Croatia stays warm much longer than it does inland. Even in springtime, when much of the rest of Eastern Europe is stilly chilly, Croatia's coastal weather is comfortable. During the summer, the weather heats up, which means that sunbathing, swimming, and water sports are popular and resorts fill up with beach-loving vacationers.


5. Roman Architecture

Triumphal Arch in Pula
Countries like Italy and Turkey are famous for their Roman architectural wonders, but did you know that Croatia is also home to Roman temples, amphitheaters, palaces, and other structures? Croatia's Roman architecture is well preserved in cities like Split and Pula. Sites of more recent construction also show evidence of Roman occupation - for example, the Roman mosaics in the Euphrasian Basilica of Porec show how later groups utilized sites that served the Romans.



6. Dubrovnik

Lovrijenac Fortress, Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik is Croatia's top destination. This walled city sees the most action during the summer months, but it is equally pleasant in spring or fall when the tourist season has eased. Walk the city walls for spectacular views, explore fortresses, palaces, and churches, and relax on the beach, in a pub, or in a cafe.




7. Wine and Spirits

Maraschino Liqueur from Croatia
Locally made wine is on menus throughout Croatia. Teran wine, produced in the iron-rich soil of Istria, is one variety you might try, but other wines with unique characteristics can be sampled when you visit. The spirits of Croatia include maraschino, a liquer made from cherries that is produced in Zadar.



8. Croatia's Regions

Baroque Houses in Rovinj
Croatia's regions offer diversity in culture, food, history, and terrain. Istria takes pride in its Italian influences, while Dalmatia's islands and coastal cities attract sun-seeking travelers from all over. Inland regions have their own traditions and heritage, too, and it's worth knowing a little about what makes each region unique.

article source : http://goeasteurope.about.com


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